Donate A Book Donate A Book SJ Montgomery Librarian Johanna Rees with Judy Hodges who donated The Ark Series Books. 200230263 Katharine Drexel Elementary Kooper and Librarian Nicole Cantrell accepted the books donated by Tracy Sanders. 200230261 Broadmoor Elementary Librarian Andrea Brew, Alex, Nicholas and myself. This set of books was donated by Toni Cormier. 200233443 Ascension Episcopal School in River Ranch Gail Brunet gifted in honor of her granddaughter, Margaret. 200257929 Broadmoor Elementary In honor of Beckett & Griffin by Debbie Buxton 200258136 Cathedral-Carmel School Debbie Buxton and her 4 grandchildren. Debbie Buxton donated the set in their honor. 200257931 J Wallace James Elementary Librarian Paula Graffeo. 200257932 L. Leo Judice Librarian Lisa Labarraque & Charlie, the school mascot. Books donated from Dr. Marc Bordelon & Mason. 200257935 L. Leo Judice School Mascot, Charlie & myself. 200257934 St. Pius Elementary School Paxton, Librarian Mrs. Margaglio and myself. The books were donated by Paxton's grandparents, Rock and Gail Brunet. 200258139 Woodvale School Jennifer Bellot & Librarian Melanie Fink accepted books donated by Carol & Richard Herbert, Jennifer's parents. 200258142 Plantation Elementary Michele Howell & her grandson, Lincoln, gifted Plantation Librarian Marisa Bernard a set of books. 200293885 Alice Boucher Elementary Librarian Kelli Alexander accepted books donated by Nikki Thevis. 200293886 Cecil Picard Elementary Principal Paulette Gaspard accepted the books gifted by Jessie Broussard, a former teacher at the school. 200293887 Cecil Picard Elementary Jessie Broussard gifted her former school. 200293888 Duson Elementary Librarian Leah Popp bought a set of books for her school. 200293889 JW Faulk Librarian Samantha Butler accepted the books donated by Nikki Thevis. 200293890 Lafayette Christian School Librarian Melissa Courville & the grandchildren of Sheila Lopez, who gifted a set of books. 200293891 Green T. Lindon School Lisa Beadle Guidry & Brandon Guidry donated a set to Librarian Belinda Broussard. 200303617 Prairie Elementary Kaci Denny is a student teacher at Prairie. Her mom, Donna Robinson Denny donated the books to Prairie. Tonya Ault was in town and was very excited to be in the picture!! 200425550 Prairie Elementary Librarian Amanda Blanco accepted the books donated by Donna Robinson Denny. 200425551 Live Oak Elementary Librarian Jeanne Thibodeaux accepted the books donated by Martha Boone Fruge. 200425552 Live Oak Elementary Principal Stacy Danos 200425553 Gallet Elementary Tammy Roberts Sepanek donated two sets to Librarian Tracy Sanders. 200425554 Our Lady of Fatima Librarian Jan Johnson, Tucker #1 & #2 accepted the books 1st grade teacher Ivette Connell gifted to the school. 200480135 St. Cecilia School Librarian Sonya Renard accepted the books donated by Louis and Thomas Prejean. 200480442 Charles M. Burke Lisa LeBlanc at Charles M. Burke accepted the books donated by Katherine Prejean, owner of KP Designs. 200480443 Ossun Elementary Jamie Thobodeaux accepted the donation for Ossun Elementary. These books were donated by KP Designs' owner, Katherine Prejean. 200480444 Milton Elementary Jeremy Hildago, District 9 school board member, donated a set of books to Milton, Accepting the books are Principal Tia Trahan and Library Clerk Kelly Thibeaux. 200480445 Westside Elementary Librarian Leah Landers accepted books donated by Paula Newman, whose daughter student taught there for years. 200480447 Evangeline Elementary Librarian Julia Fredieu accepted the books gifted by Katherine Prejean of KP Designs. 200480448 Carencro Heights Librarian Denise Bateman and a 3rd grader accepted the books donated by Katherine Prejean of KP Designs. 200480560 St. Michael Catholic School Susan Beauxis and her grandchildren, Sydney, Ian, and Zac donated to St. Michael Catholic School Librarian Jeanne Nickel. 200550259 Myrtle Place Elementary Myrtle Place Elementary Librarian Joleah Dumond and Principal Patricia Thompson accepted the books donated by Manda and Mike Harson. 200550260 Westminister Academy Lafayette Christian Academy (Lafayette) Librarian Lois Schlehuber accepted the books donated by Lerri Cockrell. 200550261 Westminster Academy Librarian Angie Mills at Westminster Christian Academy (Opelousas) accepted the books donated by Lerri Cockrell. 200550262 Carencro Catholic Librarian Sandie Enland accepted the books donated by Shirlene and Huey White, owners of Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings. 200699611 St. Leo-Seton Librarian Kelli Plaisance accepted the books donated by KP Design owner Katherine Prejean. 200699612 Sts. Peter and Paul Librarian Amanda Vinson accepted the books donated by Katherine Prejean of KP Designs. 200699613 St. Ignatius Librarian Michele Boss accepted the books donated by Jan Greer. Several of Jan's relatives attend the Grand Coteau School. 200739114 Rayne Catholic School Librarian Sharon Chatelain accepted the books gifted by Judy Placer. 200826246 Meaux Elementary Librarian Kay Lurry and Principal Susan Stephen accepted The Ark Series gifted by Rhonda Meaux and Joey John of Joey John State Farm. Rhonda's granddaughter, Averie, is a student at the school. 200826247 Indian Bayou Principal Phyllis Doguet accepted the books donated by Keisha Ryan. 200826248 Immaculate Heart of Mary School Immaculate Heart of Mary Principal Earline Price and Librarian Winnie Journet accepted the books gifted by Edna Gordon. 200826249 Opelousas Catholic Elementary School Opelousas Catholic Assistant Principal Rose LaLonde and Librarian Brenda Hebert accepted the books gifted by Janice Roy Mayers. 200826250 Fork Island - Ernest Broussard Elementary Corinna Stelly bought a set to donate to FIEB Elementary. Her grandchildren attend the school. 200826341 St. Benilde St. Benilde Libraran Rachelle Rabalais accepted the books gifted by Aubry, Amy, Bryan, and Sam Murphy Newman. 201038962 Brown Elementary Librarian Pamela Struble accepted the books donated by Kathi and John Bordelee. Grandson, Evan, attends Brown Elementary in Whitehouse, TX. Cousin Olivia was there for the presentation. 201038963 Glades Day School Glades Day School (Belle Glade, FL) Librarian Amy Wilkins accepted the books donated by Jan and Sam Bethea. 201085163 Michigan Avenue School Brittnee Slaughter and Maggie and James Arrowood gifted books to Michigan Avenue School in Cleveland, TN. 201113855 Michigan Avenue School Maggie & James 201113856 Family Life Christian Academy Family Life Christian Academy Principal Sara Aloisio (to my left) and Assistant Principal Kathy Duhon accepted books donated by Colby Neal of Windows, Doors, & More. 201249246 Ragin' Cajuns Student athletes at UL "READ RED" were donated a set of The Ark Series. The athletes go into local schools and read to students as part of their service project for being a Ragin Cajun UL player. Pictured are reps from soccer, volleyball, and track. 201307577 St. James Elementary School, Falls Church, VA Books donated by Nanny Tiffany and Madeline 201307593 Prairie Elementary Sharane Gott, president of the Lafayette BBB, donated a second set to Prairie Elementary. Mrs. Gott is a United Way volunteer reader at the school. 201507517 E R Dickson Elementary Library Assistant Paula from E R Dickson Elementary in Mobile, AL accepted the books donated by Cori Phelps (Covenant Spotlight Magazine). 201797160 Santa Cruz International School Javier Ortiz Pereyra, owner of JOP Productions, bought a set for his younger brother's school. Their dad took the books back to Santa Cruz, Bolovia and donated them to the school. 202352569 St. Bernard Catholic School Alice Noel purchased a set of book for St. Bernard Catholic School in Breaux Bridge, LA 202386588 Bel-Aire Elementary Bel-Aire Elementary in Tulluhoma, TN Librarian Amy Winton and first grader, Jake Bethea. Jake is the author's great nephew. 202432027 Washington Parish Regional Library Children's Librarian Kat (to my left) and Library Assistant Connie accepted The Ark Series donated by Sudie Landry of Heartbeats of LA. 203049722 Arden Cahill Bitsy Haws donated a set to Librarian Amy Cahill. 203050465 Ascension Episcopal (downtown campus) Librarian Emily Brupbacher accepted the books donated by Kackie Lerille owner of Borden's Ice Cream Shoppe on behalf of her niece and nephew who attend the school. 203050466 Daspit Elementary Librarian Julie Burns accepted The Ark Series from Cindy Robin and her grandson, Gunner, who attends Daspit. 203050467 East Mississippi Regional Library Director Josh Haidet and two of his staff purchased a set of The Ark Series at the Hattiesburg, MS Book Festival held on the campus of USM. 203050468 Estherwood Elementary Principal Stan Baggett accepted the books donated by Miguel Rivera and his daughter who attends Estherwood. 203050469 Northlake Christian School Librarian Andy Johnson purchased a set of the books for her school in Covington, LA. 203050470 Discovery Christian School Librarian Dianne Butler purchased a set of books for her school in Florence, MS. 203050471 Mt. Carmel in Abbeville Accepting the books donated by Connie Simon Boutin, class of '64, is Librarian Tiffany Abshire. 203050472 Ridge Elementary Librarian Brandie Davis accepted the books donated by Dr. Buddy and Barbara Azar of Azar Eye Clinic. 203050473 St. Genevieve Librarian Dana Guidry and Principal Becky Touille accepted the books donated by Keith and Carolyn Stutes on behalf of their granddaughter who attends St. Genevieve. 203050474 St. Monica Sandy Garber purchased a set of the books for St. Monica School in Dallas, TX. 203050475 Simbongumbomvu School Brittnee Slaughter donated a set of The Ark Series Books to a school in Hilton, South Africa where she did some mission work for 6 weeks during the summer of 2016. 203052853 Simbongumbornvu School Two students at the school in Hilton, South Africa are pictured with the books donated by Brittnee Slaghter. 203052855 Simbongumbornvu School Anele holds a copy of his favorite book from The Ark Series. 203052856 Caneview Elementary Librarian Kelsye Baudin accepted the books donated by Traci Huey. 203055532 Park Elementary Librarian Michele Molina accepted The Ark Series Books donated in honor of Julie Hasling, founder and president of Life With Father Ministries. 203055533 Westminster Christian Academy Lerri Cockrell donated a set to each of the WCA in Lafayette and one in Opelousas. 203060398 North Lewis Elementary Librarian Sarah Boatman and Vice Principal Jon Gonsoulin 204619071 Cathdral-Carmel School Librarian Jan Johnson 203653520 Donaldsonville Primary School Ivy and Britt Veal donated the books to their aunt's school located in Baton Rouge, LA. 203840219 Highland Baptist Christian School Camp Acadiana donated a set to Highland Baptist Christian School in New Iberia. 204214160 Clarendon Elementary (Clarendon, AR) Librarian Lisa Ostermann Steeland accepted The Ark Series donated in memory of Joyce M. Courtade and Dean Courtade, JR. 204347525 Desert Willow Elementary(Carlsbad, NM) Librarian Darlene Moore Shelton accepted The Ark Series donated by Jumpstart Academy in Broussard, LA. 204362090 Highland Baptist Christian School Librarian Ashley Meaux and some of the Bears accepted the donated books from Camp Acadiana. 204366124 Grand Coteau Elem. School AR Director, Mrs. Wimberly, accepted the books for her school. 204683029