Literary Festival at Vermillionville Literary Festival at Vermillionville Mr. and Mrs. Folse, parents of Susan Folse my dear sweet friend at Archbishop Blenk. 155312146 Katie and Stephanie Adair with Zach, Stephanie's finance. Daughters of Patty Folse Adair, Susan's younger sister. 155312147 Getting ready for the crowd at the Literary Festival at Vermillionville in Lafayette. 155312148 I feel blessed with each opportunity to share "Why Snails Are Slow" with children and adults. 155312149 Thank you, Debrorah LeBlanc, CEO of Literary Inc, and the Jr. League of Lafayette for this unique opportunity. 155312150 155312151 Victoria, a K student at Fatima, who recognized the book. Her mom pre ordered a copy as I will be at Fatima on May 14, 2012. It was a REAL blessing to meet Victoria's entire family at the Literary Festival. 155312152 Lorne Bellows, the youngest author from LA, was gifted a copy of Book #1 in The Ark Series. As I read the story to those present, I could tell that Lorne and her parents got the messages of the book. Lorne promised me she would share the story with her classmates and friend at her Christian school. For His Glory..... 155312153